Nightly Review For Recovery Worksheet

Video & audio overview of the worksheet

What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Reflection is a key element to developing self-awareness and motivation to continue a journey of change and work on yourself. When you are in recovery, you need to be able to think about what you are achieving and struggling with each day. This makes the recovery from addiction process an active one and not simply something that you are hoping will happen.

Putting intentional action into your daily recovery will increase the likelihood of you maintaining your sobriety. A nightly reflection is a tool that you can use to incorporate this type of action.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet offers you a formalized structure to develop a routine of nightly reflections. This routine will help you incorporate active reflection into your daily practice, which increases your engagement with the recovery process.

A regular reflection habit can also help you set new goals to improve the quality of your life and progress your recovery.

How to use the worksheet?

Find a quiet space and time at the end of each to complete the table in the worksheet. You can add more sections if you wish – for example, if you are doing step work, you may want to add a reflection on your progress.

Be compassionate and kind to yourself whilst remaining honest and taking responsibility for your day.

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