Occupational therapy handwriting worksheet 

What is the theory behind this Occupational therapy handwriting worksheet?

Occupational therapy can help children in boosting their self esteem by making them capable of performing daily activities. It has proved to be very beneficial for development of motor skills, hand eye coordination and other physical skills that are less developed due to various reasons. Handwriting is a complex skill that requires individuals to focus on multiple areas at the same time. It mandates physical exercise as well as thorough practice

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help young children in occupational therapy to develop their fine motor skills. By controlling the direction of the pencil on paper with the help of a provided guide, clients will be able to form their alphabets appropriately in a methodical way.

How to use this worksheet?

Trace your hands on the light colored alphabets and complete the sentences. This way you can practice your orientation. After completing all the attempts, try to write the same sentences on your own in the given space. The facilitator is required to help the child incase of any difficulty.   

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