One day at a time recovery worksheet

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What is the theory behind the One Day at a Time recovery worksheet?

During the recovery process, you may face many difficulties and challenges in the form of past negative, triggering thoughts and experiences. They only cause hindrances in your process of recovery and increase the chances of relapse. The One Day at a Time recovery worksheet aims to focus and solve one problem at a time.  

How will this worksheet help you?

You can simply focus on one problem that is disturbing you and the process of recovery and filling this worksheet accordingly can help you acknowledge your past-related negative thoughts, and how you coped with them. For the same problem, you can plan for the future action plan to deal with them. 

How to use this worksheet?

Think of a problem that is disturbing you and try to complete this worksheet accordingly. You can take help from your counselor to complete this worksheet. After completing it, move towards working on your goals with your counselor. Read the first part of the worksheet if you ever feel you are not doing good in this process of recovery.

You can download this worksheet here.

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