Positive Self-Talk Worksheet for Students

What is the theory behind this Positive Self-talk Worksheet for Students?

Self-talk is the internal dialogue that individuals have with themselves. Mood, self-worth, confidence, and ability to make decisions can all be greatly impacted by the way someone speaks to themselves. Self-talk has the potential to enhance cognitive function since it modulates brain states differently depending on whether it is positive or negative. 

How will this worksheet help?

The worksheet therefore acts as a guide for students as well as adults that points the way to a more constructive and optimistic approach, as well as reflects one’s current mental state. It helps in developing a positive self-image that boasts confidence in oneself.

 How to use the worksheet?  

You will learn how to change your negative thoughts into constructive ones that will improve your mental health by completing this worksheet. You can reflect about the situations that you encounter in your school setting and what impact you observe in your life on your self-talk.

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