Post traumatic growth worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Post traumatic growth worksheet?

Post traumatic growth (PTG) is a positive psychological change that people experience after a traumatic event in their life. This does not mean that the individuals do not get the negative post traumatic symptoms. Instead, they take this new found resilience and strength to face those symptoms effectively accompanied by deeper appreciation for life. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help the clients who have gone through traumatic events in improving their self image by making them focus on their strengths the more strong and capable they feel about themselves the less they feel like a victim.  

How to use this worksheet?

Clients disregard the strength they possess to have survived through the traumatic event. Before the event ever occurred in their life, they would have never imagined having enough strength to go through something of this sort and come out of the other side. The clients are required to realize what abilities they have. Answer the following questions regarding this growth.

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