Relationship Pattern worksheet

What is the theory behind the Relationship Pattern worksheet?

Relationship patterns or relationship styles are some specific ways of interacting with the people around us. Repeating and practicing the same behaviors again and again with different people in our lives is our relationship pattern. They can be good and bad depending on what outcomes they are bringing to your life.

How will this worksheet help you? 

This worksheet explains four relationship styles or patterns that we usually form in our relationships. You can identify your own relationship pattern with this worksheet and identify the positive and negative outcomes this specific relationship pattern brings to you. This will help you in shifting to a more positive side and improve your interactions in your relationships. 

How to use this worksheet? 

Just sit with a calm mind and read this worksheet carefully. Honestly notice which of the following relationship styles fits you well. Now think of all the positive and negative aspects of this style, make a list of these things, and see what are the traits that you need to change and improve your overall relationship style. 

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