Resilience Worksheet (PDF)

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What is the theory behind this Resilience Worksheet?

The capacity to overcome setbacks and turn adversity into opportunity is resilience. Resilience is not always displayed by the individual who appears to be less emotionally distressed under trying times. However, resilience is when they try again the following day after failing and experiencing strong negative feelings.

How will this worksheet help?

It will help to develop positivity, determination, and motivation in the face of adversity in the person. It provides the determination to view failure as a chance rather than a means to an end that makes a person move towards betterment and develop gratitude

How to use the worksheet?  

You can improve resilience in yourself by practicing every day through 4 aspects of your life including thinking about how you become grateful through yourself, what makes you psychologically strong, and emotionally strong, and what other social aspects enable you to work to be resilient. You can take help from the examples provided.

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