Resistance in Anger Worksheet

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We often feel reluctant to change the pattern of negative behavior or disruptive habits like anger. Also, the chemicals in our body are so powerful when we experience anger. We find it difficult to let go of our anger or like losing something that has been protecting us for so long. We take it as something that makes us weak and vulnerable if we change our reaction from anger to calm.  However, targeting this resistance will help us manage anger well, an essential step towards good mental and physical well-being.

What Are the Theories Behind This Worksheet?

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) provides a sound strategy to deal with resistance in anger management by understanding the fears and threats one has to experience at the thought of changing the way to anger.

How Will This Worksheet Help you?

This worksheet will guide people with anger issues to think about the concerns and vulnerabilities they would face if they let go of their anger. It will help them work on resistance to manage anger. 

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

People who have anger issues or who deal with clients having anger issues can use this worksheet to help the victim understand the resistance their mental processing is creating in the process of anger management

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