Self-Esteem and Positive Thinking Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Self-Esteem and Positive Thinking Worksheet?

Self-esteem refers to a person’s general self-perception.  It has to do with the person’s attitude or point of view toward themselves. Low self-esteem is linked with negative thinking. Proponents of Positive Psychology suggest that cultivating positive thinking contributes to healthy self-esteem.

How will this worksheet help?

You can actively utilize this worksheet to discover and implement your strengths for growth and personal improvement. Through boasting positive self-perception and self-worth, such worksheets help individuals who are experiencing low self-esteem and prepare them for future success.

How to use the worksheet?  

This worksheet can be used to record your accomplishments and positive attributes as a person Answer the questions given in the worksheet. Using this worksheet as a starting point, adopt a habit of thinking positively about yourself.

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