Self-Esteem Boosters and Busters Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Self Esteem Boosters and Busters Worksheet?

Self-esteem refers to how one values their worth or how confident they are in their various abilities. Throughout life, it is inevitable to be in situations that contribute to enhancing one’s self-esteem while others that may dampen it. A resilient individual would learn from the experiences and know how to reduce the impact of the self-esteem busters and continue to focus and grow from experiences that boost their self-esteem. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help individuals write about instances that enhance their self-esteem and those that cause them to feel worthless or insecure about themselves. It will also prompt them to then think of strategies that can help them incorporate self-esteem boosters into their life and minimize the negative impact of the self-esteem busters. This exercise will help shift their focus on increasing positive experiences and productively managing negative experiences. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used in individual or group counselling sessions as part of personality development training or as a coping strategy since self-esteem issues are linked with many mental health conditions. Instruct the individuals to identify events and behaviours that increase and decrease their self-esteem. Then for each of those, they have to elaborate on what strategies they can use to surround themselves with self-esteem boosters and effectively manage the self-esteem busters. 

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