Self-Esteem Flower Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Self-Esteem Flower Worksheet?

Since a child’s self-esteem is the primary factor determining their success or failure as a human being, it is important to nurture children’s self-esteem. It’s important to instill in kids the confidence that they can manage their lives and do so well. 

How will this worksheet help?

This can help children focus on the positive, learn gratitude, and develop self-worth and self-esteem.  Being able to see their shortcomings and still choose to like who they are or how they can improve is the first step in developing self-esteem. Every successful encounter with encouraging remarks boosts a child’s sense of self-worth.

How to use the worksheet?  

Kids can use this worksheet to record potential growth by noticing their strengths that have been written in the self-esteem flower. They can put this worksheet on their cupboards or keep it in a file. Seeing this worksheet during moments of doubt will help children build their self-esteem.

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