Siblings Relationship Worksheet

What is the theory behind the siblings relationship worksheet?

Sibling relationship worksheet is based on different theoretical perspectives such as psychoanalytical, social psychology, social learning, and family ecological system. Much of the research work in this area focuses on the relationship and impact of siblings on an individual’s psychological development and behavioral and social adjustment. 

How will this worksheet help you?

  1. This worksheet is the right tool to assess the positive and negative aspects of your relationship with your siblings. 
  2. This worksheet can help you identify the common reasons or conflicts that cause damage to your relationship with your siblings. 
  3. Furthermore, it will help you brainstorm ways to resolve or avoid conflicts and arguments with your siblings.
  4. Ultimately, it can improve your way of interacting and responding to the argumentative situations in your relationship.

How to use this worksheet?

  1. You can take a printout of this worksheet by simply downloading it or you can start completing it digitally.
  2. Think of your relationship and interactions with your siblings (both positive and negative). Write them down.
  3. Find the most common reason or conflict/argument by recalling the recent argument situations and write it down.
  4. Find ways in which you can avoid further arguments and start implementing them (you can also discuss them with your individual/family therapist).

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