Simple Goal Setting Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Simple Goal Setting Worksheet?

Goal Setting is considered a precursor to effective goal achievement. The simplest form of goal setting has five components, all of which can ensure an individual is well-prepared to tackle any challenge that hinders their goal achievement and be successful in achieving it as well. 

How will the worksheet help? 

This worksheet will provide a simple goal setting template that clients can utilise to set goals for themselves throughout their therapy period depending on what aligns with their treatment. It will help them develop a habit of always planning how to achieve their goals instead of jumping right into it and suffering from disappointment in the future. 

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet can be used for clients who are wanting to achieve some short term or long term goals but are unable to do so. Instruct them to follow the five step process to plan ahead what their goals and how they can prepare and motivate themselves to achieve them.

You can download this worksheet here.

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