Stair therapy worksheet

What is the theory behind this Stair therapy worksheet?

Skills Training for Affective and Interpersonal Regulation is a therapeutic approach for individuals suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The therapy aims at giving life a meaning which includes past present and future. Not accepting and dwelling on the trauma negatively affects an individual’s interpersonal relationships to a great extent. It helps in providing capabilities to deal with the future. It also involves a part of narrative therapy to provide clients a structure to their life’s story.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients in mending the relationships that have been affected by their trauma. Clients will be able to look at their life objectively and devise strategies for the future.    

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, think about your close personal relationships. The way they were formed, the way you bond with them and other factors regarding those relationships. Now jot all of this down like a story with a past, present and a future? Add all details about them as well as how your traumatic experience changed them and how do you see them in the future? 

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