Structured Clinical Interview Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Using key developmental milestones and frameworks set out by Jerome Sattler, this template guides you through an intensive intake interview.

The idea of an intake interview is to gain as much information as possible to understand the client as a whole and develop the optimal intervention plan for them when you conceptualize the case. You may need to gather information from other individuals (parents, etc.), if this is the case, informed consent and confidentiality must be taken into consideration.

How will the template help?

Whilst the interview itself will need to naturally flow, there are important aspects to be covered. This template highlights each of these areas and provides possible questions to gain the required information.

How to use the template.

This template can be used by any mental health practitioner for an intake interview. Whilst the questions refer to the client as a ‘child’, the template can be adjusted for an adult client.

Important to note: This is a template and as such is a general guide, it will need to be tailored to your specific practice and legal requirements.


Sattler, J., Hoge, R. (2006).  Assessment of Children. Jerome. M. Sattler, Publisher, Inc.

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