Supervision Log Template

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What is the theory behind the template?

Working with a supervisor will help you grow your skills in different areas as a supervisor would be someone with more experience than you in that area. For example, if you are working with substance abuse, you would want to work with a supervisor with a speciality in substance abuse to help manage your cases and develop your knowledge.

Therefore, keeping a record of your sessions is valuable. You may wish to work with a supervision plan that both you and your supervisor use if you are focusing on new theoretical concepts. However, if you are using supervision for case discussions and case conceptualization then this template will help you document the sessions.

How will the template help?

This template will allow you to maintain a log of supervision sessions with a specific supervisor to record the cases you discuss and the feedback you gain from the session.

It can also be a good idea to keep a log of your sessions to prove that you are engaging in supervision depending on the legislative requirements of where you practice.

How to use the template.

Keep one template per supervisor if you have multiple supervisors. After each session, you can record the date, case, and summary of feedback for future reference. 

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