Theory A and B Anxiety Worksheet Health Anxiety

What is the theory behind this theory A and B anxiety worksheet health anxiety?

Health is generally defined as a person’s physiological, psychological, and daily functioning. However, health anxiety is defined as a person’s belief that their health is under threat, which causes them to be anxious about their health. Their symptoms are severe reassurance seeking, high alertness, checking bodily symptoms, and disturbed sleep patterns, along with many other issues. While the dual strategy model is known as theories A and B.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help a client in thinking about their anxious thoughts in a more constructive manner. It will help them to feel less worried about their irrational thoughts related to health. 

How to use the worksheet?

During the session, therapists provide this worksheet to the client. Working with a client’s problems is complex. Theory A is a problematic approach based on the client’s beliefs, whereas Theory B is a client-created alternative approach. This fun activity will help them relax by reducing their physical symptoms.

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