Thought Action Feeling Circle Worksheet 

What is the theory behind The Thought Action Feeling Circle Worksheet?

According to the cognitive-behavioral perspective, our thoughts, actions, and feelings are associated with each other. Our thoughts affect how we feel and act, our actions affect how we feel and think and our feelings affect how we think and act. If there’s a problem in any one of them, the whole cycle gets disturbed. Likewise, if our thoughts or feelings or actions are positive it will have a positive effect on ourselves. 

How will this worksheet help you? 

This is a psycho-educative worksheet, it explains how our thoughts, feelings, and actions are influenced by each other. With the help of given examples, you can understand better and you will be able to relate to this principle by using your day-to-day example. It will give you insight and you will be able to control your emotions, thoughts, and actions by focusing on the positive side of things. 

How to use this worksheet? 

Download this worksheet and read it in your free time. See how our thoughts, actions, and behavior are interlinked. Read the example carefully and try to relate to it. Write your own example that you experienced lately. It will increase your knowledge in the domain of cognitive and behavioral psychology and you are more likely to work on your negative pattern. 

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