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What is the theory behind this values therapy worksheet? 

The theory behind a values-based thinking worksheet is based on the idea that our values and beliefs have a significant impact on our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Our values are the principles and standards that we hold most important and that guide our decision-making. When our thoughts and behavior align with our values, we experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment. However, when our thoughts and behavior are not in line with our values, we may experience stress, anxiety, or dissatisfaction.

How will the worksheet help?

A values-based thinking worksheet can help individuals identify and reflect on their values, and then use this information to guide their thinking and decision-making. The worksheet helps individuals to clarify their values and prioritize them, which can be useful in addressing situations or decisions where values may be in conflict. Additionally, using a values-based worksheet can help individuals to stay true to themselves and to their values, which can lead to increased self-awareness and self-esteem.

How to use the worksheet? 

A values-based therapy worksheet is a tool that can be used to help individuals identify and reflect on their values, and to use this information to guide their thoughts and behavior. Here is a general guide for using the worksheet:

  • Identifying values
  • Prioritizing values
  • Reflecting on values
  • Aligning with values
  • Revisit and revise 

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