Why Stealing is Wrong Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Why Stealing is Wrong  Worksheet?

It can be difficult for young kids to grasp the concept of why stealing is a wrong behavior especially when they have trouble controlling their impulses. Older kids may simply be doing it as an act of aggression, revenge, or acting out. Stealing may also be masking a host of emotional issues and mental stress that the child may be enduring. The responsibility to teach them why stealing is wrong falls not just on the teacher but parents as well. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help young kids reflect on their stealing behavior and how it hurts another person. This practice will prompt them to think about the consequences of their actions and teach them to always do so before doing any such behavior in the future. It can also give the parents or teachers an idea about why they did what they did. 

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet can be used with kids who have recently been observed to show stealing behavior. Parents, teachers, or any other adult can supervise them while they fill it out. Use their responses to then initiate discussion about their behavior to make them feel responsible for their actions in the future. It is important to gently remind them of the consequences of their behavior instead of shaming them for it. 

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