Worksheet for Behaviour Modification in Children

What is the theory behind this Worksheet for Behaviour Modification in Children?

Behaviour modification therapy is based on the principles proposed by B.F.Skinner according to which all behaviour is subject to change based on the consequences that follow it. It can be particularly helpful for replacing undesirable behaviours of children with desirable ones. When good behaviour is treated with reward and bad behaviour is followed by negative consequences the likelihood of the good behaviour repeating increases. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help parents change undesirable behaviours or increase desirable behaviours of their child by using a reward system. Parents can be introduced easily to this reward system to keep up with the therapist’s goal for their child’s behaviour modification. The worksheet will help the child keep track of their good behaviour and keep them motivated. 

How to use the worksheet?

Write down the good behaviours that need to be reinforced in the behaviour section and encourage the child to paste a star sticker when they complete the behaviour throughout the week. Have a healthy discussion on what reward the child can expect if they continue doing the said behaviour throughout the week and write it down at the end. Depending on the need multiple behaviours can be included per week or the parent can choose to focus on just one per week. 

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