A Little Spot of Confidence Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this A little spot of Confidence Worksheet?

This worksheet is based on a children’s illustration book “ A Little Spot of Confidence” by Diane Alber. The author explains that we all have an orange spot of confidence, which can be located near our ear, where it can say positive things about us to make us feel confident. It can also be located by our side, where it holds our hands in tough times. Our confidence spot can grow and give us the strength to keep going.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help kids improve their confidence levels. Through this worksheet, children will learn to deal with challenges by appraising their personal strengths. It will help them challenge their self-critical behavior by counting their positives, thereby helping their confidence spot grow!

How to use the worksheet?

Parents, caregivers, teachers, and counselors can use this worksheet to help kids become more confident. You can start off by reading the book “ A Little Spot of Confidence” or by viewing a YouTube video, summarising key points of the book. Then, complete the given worksheet with a child individually or in a group of children.

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