Body Image and Social Media Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Body Image and Social Media Worksheet?

Positive and negative effects on body image can be greatly influenced by social media interactions. Social media can, on the one hand, offer a platform for encouraging physical and psychological fitness, support groups for promoting well-being, and other health-related content. However, it can also fuel unhealthy comparisons and irrational beauty standards. Therefore, teenagers and young adults who use social media extensively may be more susceptible to developing eating disorders because they strive to attain beauty standards which leads to body dissatisfaction.

How will this worksheet help?

The goal of the worksheets is to identify the beliefs about the person and how they affect social media. It also reflects insight into dysfunctional thought patterns about themselves. This will also help to modify the pessimistic approach into an optimistic one regarding body image and that will boost self-esteem.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Through this worksheet, self-perception will be done by filling out the following questions about your perspective on body image. You can look at your thoughts while using any beauty filter and what makes you use those filters. You can analyze how satisfied will you be without using that beauty filter.

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