Client Record Card Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Best practice guides mental health practitioners to store their client records securely and in a protected manner. This often requires files to collect client records and records of sessions. 

A record card provides important information for a client at a glance. This helps to streamline the process of documentation during the intake process and beyond.

How will the template help?

This template can be used as a file cover or an index card, depending on how you organize your booking and record keeping.

This template offers a quick and easy method of checking on important information gathered in a clinical interview or psychiatric interview.

How to use the template?

This template can be used by any mental health professional to support their record-keeping and booking processes.

Important to note: This is a template and as such is a general guide, it will need to be tailored to your specific practice and legal requirements.

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