Coping with Triggers in Recovery Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Coping with Triggers in Recovery Worksheet?

During recovery, exposure to triggers is a natural process and it can impact the recovery process negatively. Therefore, knowing your triggers can help you avoid them and cope with them effectively even if you get exposed to them. This will make your overall process of recovery easier.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet after completing will be a source of effective coping skills that you can use to manage yourself when experiencing any trigger. You can identify your triggers and find suitable coping strategies for each trigger. It will be helpful for you in your recovery process and decrease the chances of relapse.

 How to use the worksheet?  

Think of your triggers that lead to uncontrollable urges and write them down. It can be any place, people, situation, or thing. Write the skills that you have used up til now and what works best for you. Find new coping skills and write them so you can use them in the future.

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