Family Rules Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Family Rules Worksheet?

The family rules worksheet is designed for the purpose of forming a set of rules for parents and children to promote effective communication and adaptive functioning of all the family members. If there are already structured rules then it is easy to implement them in your family to get the desired outcome. Structured rules and their implementation is significant for any family’s healthy communication.

How will this worksheet help you? 

This worksheet will help you and your family in designing a structured set of rules and why these rules are important for the healthy functioning of your family. You can design a unique set of rules suitable for your family. It will help teach your children and family members the responsibilities, roles, and rights to be respected. 

How to use this worksheet? 

Download this worksheet and start with the appropriate rules and responsibilities that are necessary for your family. Write each rule with its significance and outcomes to make sure every family member follows them. All family members can contribute to designing these rules so they are more appropriate for all family members. 

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