Intervention Log Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Ensuring that individualized interventions are implemented, followed, and reviewed a mental health practitioner or teacher needs to have the intervention documented. 

This will help with maintaining a level of engagement throughout the process that will assist with case reflections or alert you as to when you need to bring the case to supervision.

How will the template help?

The template offers you a structure to record interventions implemented and track their progress. This can help give a holistic picture of the client and how they are responding to interventions that have been suggested.

This template can be used by mental health practitioners, parents, or teachers.

How to use the template?

Complete the template with detailed information to allow for easy progress tracking to occur. This template should help enrich your understanding of how your client is responding to treatment and where changes to the treatment plan need to occur.

This is a template or guideline and can be adjusted to suit your specific practice.

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