Intimacy in Recovery Worksheet

What is the theory behind The Intimacy in Recovery Worksheet?

During addiction, we failed to fulfill our responsibilities,  and commitments related to our intimate relationships. This may cause a lack of intimacy which is a vital part of our life. During recovery, it’s important to work towards reforming relationships, and friendships based on emotional, and physical intimacy and to establish closeness and connections. 

How will this worksheet help you? 

We understand that your problem may have caused damage to your life in many ways and left a negative impact on your relationships. Therefore, this worksheet is designed to work on building trust, closeness, mutual understanding, and intimacy in your relationships. It can help you acknowledge your mistakes and design an action plan to repair damaged relationships. 

How to use this worksheet? 

Take a printout of this worksheet and take some time from your routine. Think of your closed relationships that may have been affected during your active addiction and write about all the problems that you are facing with these relationships. Also, look for options to repair those damages and work through your past mistakes. 

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