Mental health worksheet for inmates

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What is the theory behind mental health worksheet for inmates?

According to research, a variety of demographic characteristics and prior interactions with the criminal justice system are linked to inmate misconduct. Despite the fact that no studies have looked at the connection between co-occurring disorders and misconduct in prison populations, it has been shown that poor mental and physical health is also related to inmate misconduct.

How will the worksheet help?

It has been demonstrated that mental healthcare and lifestyle choices are subpar in jail, particularly for older inmates. Untreated psychiatric problems typically aggravate dietary habits, inactivity, and substance addiction. Bad habits then contribute to mental health issues.

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will help inmates leave the criminal life behind and move towards a positive lifestyle. The inmates will answer the questions given. Part one of the worksheet asks them about the details of prison life. Part two helps them turn their life around.

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