Progress Note Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

There can be confusion between a progress note and a process note. A progress note requires certain information and must be included in the client file. If the client requests their file they will be able to read these progress notes. 

A process note is for the therapist and is not for the client. This is where thoughts, hypotheses, further research, etc. are noted. These are the notes you might take to supervision.

How will the template help?

This template offers a basic guideline of what should be in a progress note. You can complete one per session and keep your process notes separately for ease of recording.

How to use the template?

Complete the progress note for each session and file it in the client’s file.

Remember that this is a template and a guideline, you may wish to tailor it to your specific practice or the legalities required in your location.

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