Red Flag in a Relationship Worksheet

What is the theory behind this Red Flag in a Relationship Worksheet?  

A person’s harmful behavior habits with their spouse or intended partner are red flags in any relationship. Most people base their understanding of what constitutes normal in a relationship on how they witnessed people interacting in their early lives. However, such experiences do not always reflect positive relationships for many people. Therefore this can give the impression that some actions are acceptable while, in reality, they are serious “red flags.” 

How will this worksheet help?

The purpose of this worksheet is to encourage partners to work on their unhealthy practices in relationships. Through this insight will be developed about the relationship dynamics and how you will further decide about your life.

How to use the worksheet?  

First review the red flags provided in the worksheet. Write down your observations about your relationship as there are some things to watch out for. Then analyze your relationship’s weak points so that you can work on it.

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