SOAP Assessment Template

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Video & audio overview of the template

What is the theory behind the template?

Using the SOAP notes method of analysis is well-known in the medical field, however, clinicians in the mental health field can benefit from this structure as well.

Following the structure of analyzing information received according to subjective information, objective information to lead to an assessment and treatment plan is beneficial when conceptualizing a case.

How will the template help?

Using the information you gather from the clinical interview during the initial session and your conceptualization of the client will help you complete this SOAP Assessment. 

Having a SOAP Assessment at the start of your intervention allows you to ensure you have fully engaged with the client’s information and have a good understanding of the client. It is also helpful to have an easily accessible document to refer back to.

How to use the template?

Using the information you have gathered you will be able to complete the SOAP assessment template. You can use this for individuals, groups, and family therapy.

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