Types of Bullying worksheet – Verbal Bullying

What is the theory behind this Types of Bullying worksheet – Verbal Bullying?

Bullying includes attempts to cause harm to one’s peers where an unequivocal power struggle is present. Bullying has highly negative and long term negative consequences for the person who is being bullied. Getting bullied is associated with adverse psychological outcomes. It is imperative to spread awareness about bullying and mental health in schools and workplaces to reduce its negative influence.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help counsellors and teachers plan an activity that can help students understand the power of words and how they can hurt someone. This activity will pair well with a discussion on verbal bullying and reinforce the concept of how one’s words can break someone and cause irreversible pain. 

How to use the worksheet?

The activity in this worksheet can be used by teachers and counsellors in anti-bullying awareness programs in schools. After a session on verbal bullying, divide the students into groups and conduct the activity as stated in the worksheet. Display each group’s work where it is visible for everyone to act as a reminder of how hurtful verbal bullying can be.

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