Boundary Exploration Worksheet

What is the theory behind the Boundary Exploration Worksheet?

Boundary exploration is the process of exploring your physical and emotional boundaries in your relationships.  It contributes to developing a healthy communication style (i.e., assertive communication style). Having firm and clear boundaries is important. If we don’t set clear boundaries or break our boundaries again and again then it may lead to a decreased sense of self-respect and lower our self-control.

How will this worksheet help you? 

With the help of this worksheet, you can identify the areas, people, and relationships where you face difficulties in keeping your boundaries. By identifying the triggers and the impact of breaking your boundaries you can be aware of the consequences and problems that you may face because of this. You can also write the ways in which you improve your boundaries.

How to use this worksheet? 

The first step of completing this worksheet is to read the description of boundary exploration and how this worksheet will help you. After that, you will complete each item reading carefully. You are also required to write down the ways in which you can improve your boundaries, you can also take assistance from your therapist or counselor as well. 

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