Self-Silencing Worksheet for Adolescents

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Recent research has suggested that adolescents not only experience shyness to a greater extent but also use to be self-silent in their relationships and friendships. However, self-silencing is concurrently and predictively associated with psychological complications like depression and anxiety.

What Are the Theories Behind This Worksheet?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) majorly deals with altering erroneous thought patterns. As reported, shy individuals have negative cognitions and tendencies to blame themselves, behave timidly, and be lonely. However, CBT aims to alter these negative thought patterns associated with negative emotional expressions to bring the respective change in negative behavior like avoidance and silencing oneself.

How Will This Worksheet Help you?

This worksheet will help them understand the need for expression and to protect their self-esteem and mental health

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet is helpful for adolescents to alter their negative approaches, self-silencing, or faulty thinking to positive ones for healthy functioning.

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