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What is the theory behind the template?

Therapist burnout is a real danger in the mental health field. Many mental health practitioners face this challenge and this can be detrimental to their health. 

Careful scheduling can be a way to minimize possible burnout through overcommitment and overwhelming yourself with work. Being aware of the number of hours you are working each day, capping the number of clients you see each day, and including time for self-care in the schedule are all ways that you can look after yourself.

Remember, a mental health practitioner cannot help their clients if they do not look after themselves first.

How will the template help?

This template provides a daily planner that you can complete to gain a visual understanding of your time and energy commitments. This can help you plan each day to ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself and experience burnout.

When you use the planner remember to include all tasks you need to do including progress and process notes, time between clients, confirmation of appointments, billing, etc.

How to use the template.

This is a possible method of planning your time. Look at each day, it might be helpful to plan a week at a time, focus on all that you need to do during the day (including eating lunch), and fill them into the schedule.

You are welcome to adjust the template to suit your specific needs and manner of working.

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